Is content in the FAQs block searchable?

The content in an FAQ block is not indexed as part of a page, and so it is not searchable at the page level.

When a user searches for a term, if it is contained in an FAQ the single FAQ will be returned in the search results

Search for "how do I..." 
In this example, clicking the result "someone sent me money with Zelle, how do I receive it"
will take the user to the single FAQ,

If a page contains the term, only in an FAQ, that page will not be returned but the Single FAQ will be returned. 

It's worth noting that pages are prioritized over FAQs, so if it is a vague term like "auto", the pages will be returned first. 

If the term is vague and there are many results, the FAQs may be pushed fairly far down in the results, but they should be shown, provided the searched term is a close enough match to the content within the FAQ.
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