How to fix the error "Link text should describe the target"


Key Takeaways:

  • Each link should contain text content, or an aria-label that indicates where the link points to.

  • Each link should have unique text

  • Should avoid generic text like "Learn More" or "Get Started", instead opt for more descriptive language like "View loan rates",  and "View Choice Checking"

  • aria-labels can be used in cases where generic text must be used - 

  • Span tags with the CSS class "sr-only" ("screen-reader-text" in legacy themes) can be used in cases where you don't have access to add an aria-label

  • It is acceptable for links with the same URL to have the same link text. This may still show as a false-positive if the URLs are formatted differently,e.g. vs /loans, these are the same link, and the redundancy is acceptable, though some scans may incorrectly report it as an error. If unsure, it's better to err on the side of caution

What to check:

  1. Is the link missing inner text?

    1. Ex - cards with missing text (image contains text, but there is no text which can parsed by a screenreader)

  2. Does the page have more than one link with the same text? Ex: "Learn more"

  3. Do those links go to the same page? If not, their text should be revised to be more descriptive

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