Language Translation

Our recommended path for language translation is to do manual translations using the WPML plugin. Since this is more time-consuming and expensive, a plugin like Google Language Translator could be used in its place with the following caveats that you should be aware of:


  • There has been a disclosed hack of Google Language Translator in the past. However, this occurred a few years ago and has been resolved promptly. We have not observed any major issues since this was resolved, and would generally consider this safe for use based on our vetting guidelines.

  • This plugin has been purchased by, and shares some functionality with the GTranslate plugin. This plugin has had some previous security issues as well, that all appear to have been resolved in an update as of our tests on 02/15/2022.

  • GTranslate uses base64 encoding to get around security rules. As of now, Google Language Translator does not use this method to circumvent the save issue. However, if the plugins were to be merged in the future, that functionality could be added, at which point we would recommend reconsidering the use of this plugin.

  • BloomCU cannot assume responsibility for any security or performance issues caused by third-party plugins.
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