Feature Request

Feature Requests are billable requests that reside outside of your Support Plan.

All feature requests must have a definite scope. The only window to change the scope of the ticket without opening a new ticket and/or incurring additional costs is before the cost and scope are approved and development has begun on the item. 

Once the dev work is complete, you will be asked to review the changes on the dev site. This window is only meant for smaller adjustments. If any large changes are to be made, you may be subject to billing for additional dev time needed.

All ETAs given for Feature Requests are from start date of dev work to end date of dev work, where you will be asked to review the changes on the dev site before we commit the changes to your live site.

Any additions or changes to the scope must be handled as a separate request from the original request, and thus requires a new ticket to be opened.

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